Why Your Product Team Needs a Digital Analytics Consultant

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Have you ever found yourself scratching your head, trying to make sense of the endless stream of data coming from your digital products? Or maybe, you’ve been in a meeting, trying to justify your product development budget, but the numbers just don’t seem to add up? If you’ve been nodding along, you’re not alone. 

Today, we’re diving into a solution that could make these struggles a thing of the past: hiring a digital analytics consultant. We’ll explore why this role is becoming a must-have for product teams looking to level up their game and deliver standout products.


Understanding Digital Analytics

Now, before we delve into why a digital analytics consultant is vital for your product team, let’s first take a step back and define what we mean by “digital analytics.” At its core, digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers have.

It’s all about taking a deep dive into the vast sea of digital data that’s available – from understanding your website or app traffic, to gaining insights into user behaviour, and analysing conversion metrics. This data, when analysed correctly, can help uncover valuable insights that drive key business strategies.

However, digital analytics isn’t just about collecting and analysing data. It’s about translating these data into actionable insights that align with your business objectives. It’s about understanding the ‘why’ behind user behaviour and making data-driven decisions to enhance user experience and ultimately, achieve business goals.

In our next sections, we will discuss more on the role of a product team, and how exactly a digital analytics consultant can support and elevate their efforts.


The Role of the Product Team

Let’s now turn our focus onto the key players in this narrative: the product team.

A product team is like the beating heart of any digital-focused company. They’re responsible for designing, building, and maintaining digital products – whether that’s an app, a website, or a software platform. Their job is not just about creating a product; it’s about ensuring that the product meets user needs whilst achieving the business’s objectives.

One major part of their role involves making important decisions – from determining the features to be included in the product, to prioritizing development tasks, and even making critical decisions about product pricing. But here’s the catch: these decisions can’t be made based on gut feelings or hunches. They need to be data-informed. That’s where digital analytics comes in, and more specifically, the role of a digital analytics consultant.


Challenges Faced by Product Teams Without Adequate Analytics Support

So we’ve chatted about the role a product team plays in an organisation and why digital analytics plays a key part in its endeavours. However, they may be some challenges the product team could encounter without the support of an analytics expert. 

Let’s explore further.

Navigating Without a Map: The Struggle of Inaccurate Data

Picture this: you’re setting sail on the high seas of product development, but your compass isn’t quite right. This is often what it’s like for product teams operating without accurate data. They have a rough idea of where they’re going, but the lack of precise coordinates leads to ineffective product strategies. They’re trying to reach land (or in our case, product success), but without accurate data, it’s like trying to navigate in the dark.

The Tightrope Walk: Justifying Product Development Budgets

Justifying product development budgets can often feel like walking a tightrope without a safety net, especially when you don’t have solid data to back you up. Without a clear understanding of what’s working (and what isn’t), it can be tough to secure the funds needed to develop and enhance your product. This is where a digital analytics consultant can make all the difference – by providing concrete, data-backed evidence to support budget allocation.

The Data Utilization Conundrum

Then there’s the challenge of utilizing digital product data effectively. Yes, you might have access to loads of data, but is your product team making the most of it? It can be daunting to sift through mountains of data, looking for the golden nuggets of insight. Without adequate analytics support, important trends could go unnoticed, opportunities could be missed, and product potential could remain untapped.


The Benefits of Having a Digital Analytics Consultant

Now that we’ve uncovered the challenges a product team could experience with adequate analytics support, let’s flip the coin and explore the wins that can achieved with a digital analytics consultant on board.

Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting

First and foremost, a digital analytics consultant can supercharge your data analysis and reporting. They know exactly what to look for in the vast ocean of data, highlighting the insights that truly matter. This means more accurate, more insightful reports that can guide your product strategy.

Effective, Data-Driven Product Optimisation Strategies

Next up, say hello to data-driven product optimisation. A digital analytics consultant isn’t just about crunching numbers; they’re also about transforming those numbers into actionable strategies. This means making product improvements that are directly informed by what the data is telling you.

Expert Guidance on Leveraging Data to Justify Budgets and Make Informed Decisions

A digital analytics consultant can also serve as your trusty guide, helping you leverage data to justify your product development budgets and make informed decisions. Their expert insights can provide the solid foundation you need to confidently discuss budgets and strategic moves.


When to Consider Hiring a Digital Analytics Consultant

We’ve talked about reasons why product teams may need a digital analytics consultant, now let’s delve into some scenarios for when a product team might want to consider bringing one on board:

1. Launching a New Product

If you’re planning to launch a new digital product, be it an app, website, or software, having a digital analytics consultant can be incredibly beneficial. They can help set up analytics to track key metrics, establish baseline KPIs, and develop strategies to optimize the product based on user behaviour and feedback.

2. Data Overwhelm

When your team is swamped with data and unsure how to process and interpret it all, a digital analytics consultant can step in and make sense of the chaos. They can help identify key metrics, set up efficient reporting systems, and turn the raw data into actionable insights that inform product strategies.

3. Justifying Product Development Budgets

If you’re having trouble justifying your product development budgets, a digital analytics consultant can help. They can create detailed reports that clearly show how product improvements and features impact the bottom line, helping you make a strong case for your budget requests.

4. Struggling with User Retention

If your product is having issues with user retention, a digital analytics consultant can provide valuable insights. By analysing user behaviour data, they can pinpoint where users are dropping off and why. This allows the team to make data-driven decisions to improve the user experience and boost retention.

5. Expanding to New Markets

If you’re looking to take your product to new markets, a digital analytics consultant can provide insights to guide your strategy. They can help you understand potential customers in the new market, their behaviours, and preferences, and how best to adapt your product to meet their needs.

Remember, these are just a few examples – the beauty of a digital analytics consultant is that they can bring value in numerous ways depending on your specific needs and challenges!

6. Scaling a Product

As your digital product begins to grow and attract more users, it’s essential to understand their behaviour and how the product performs at scale. A digital analytics consultant can help analyse large sets of user data, uncover potential bottlenecks, and suggest strategies for maintaining smooth user experience as the product scales.

7. Redesigning a Product

If you’re considering a significant redesign or overhaul of your product, it’s invaluable to have a digital analytics consultant involved. They can help assess how current users interact with the product, identify areas for improvement, and track the impact of changes on user behaviour and satisfaction.

8. Improving User Acquisition

If your team is focused on growing the user base, a digital analytics consultant can help enhance your user acquisition strategy. By analysing your current acquisition channels, they can identify which ones are most effective, where there’s potential for growth, and suggest data-driven strategies to attract new users.

9. Enhancing Monetisation

If your product includes monetisation features such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertising, a digital analytics consultant can provide valuable insights. They can analyse user behaviour around these features, suggest improvements to increase revenue, and help create an effective data-driven monetisation strategy.

10. Preparing for Investor Meetings

If you’re preparing to meet with investors or stakeholders, a digital analytics consultant can help create powerful presentations that demonstrate your product’s success. Using data, they can highlight key metrics that show user growth, engagement, and retention, proving the value and potential of your product.


How to Choose the Right Digital Analytics Consultant

Hopefully, we’ve sparked your interest, and now you’re wondering how to choose the right digital analytics consultant for your product team. If this is the case, here is a list of the key things that you should lookout for:

1. Relevant Experience

Does the consultant have experience in your specific industry or with similar products? Have they worked with businesses of your size before? Their past experiences can give you an idea of how well they can handle the unique challenges and demands your product may present.

2. Technical Skills

It’s crucial for your consultant to be proficient with the tools and platforms you use. This could be Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Heap or any other analytics tool. Their skills should also extend to data analysis and visualization tools, such as Looker Studio, Tableau, Excel, or SQL.

3. Analytical & Problem-Solving Skills

Data can be overwhelming and complex. A good digital analytics consultant should be able to make sense of this complexity, find patterns, and draw actionable insights. They should be able to solve problems by using data in a creative and efficient way.

4. Communication Skills

Your digital analytics consultant will likely need to interact with various teams within your company, including non-technical teams. As such, they need to be able to explain complex data insights in an easy-to-understand manner.

5. Understanding of Your Business Goals

A great digital analytics consultant should not just provide data insights but also be able to align those insights with your business objectives. They should be able to answer how data insights can help you achieve your specific goals.

6. Testimonials or Case Studies

Does the consultant have testimonials or case studies from previous clients? These can give you a clear idea of the value they’ve brought to past projects and whether they can deliver on their promises.

7. Cultural Fit

Lastly, remember that your consultant will be working closely with your team. So, it’s essential to hire someone who fits well with your company culture and can effectively collaborate with your team.

By keeping these 7 factors in mind, you can make sure you hire a digital analytics consultant who’s not just competent, but also the perfect fit for your company.



In summary, a digital analytics consultant can bring immense value to your product team. From enhanced data analysis and reporting to data-driven optimisation strategies and expert guidance, this role can be the secret ingredient to your product’s success.

We understand that every product team is unique, and so are your needs and challenges. However, if you’ve been wrestling with your product data or struggling to justify your development budget, a digital analytics consultant might just be the hero you need.

So, product teams, it’s time to think big, aim high, and consider bringing a digital analytics consultant into your fold. Trust me, your data, end-users and C-suite execs will thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. At Swayven Digital, our mission is to help product and marketing teams take their analytics game to the next level. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we could assist you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

Stay tuned for more insights, and until next time, keep optimising

About the Author

About the Author

Anthon Fynn-Williams, the Lead Consultant at Swayven Digital, is a seasoned professional with almost a decade of experience in the digital analytics industry. Having worked in both agency & client-side roles, Anthon has gained valuable experience from delivering analytics & optimisation projects for some of the biggest brands in the UK, including Vodafone, Adidas, William Hill, M&S and Wilko.

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