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We help game development studios build better games with analytics & optimisation.

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In today’s dynamic gaming industry, leveraging data is crucial. It’s not just about gaining an edge; it’s essential for refining game experiences, enhancing monetization strategies, and staying ahead in a competitive market.
At our core, we focus on transforming analytics from a mere buzzword into a key driver of your game’s success. Our commitment is to empower game development teams, enabling them to convert data into valuable strategies that improve the performance of their games.
We’re not just another marketing agency with an analytics side-offer. Analytics is our heart and soul. 
Partner with us to not just play the game, but to master it.

Services Overview

Swayven Digital is your strategic ally in the gaming world, ready to amplify, extend, or fully manage your analytics operations. From seamless tech integrations to advanced data science, we offer comprehensive support across the entire analytics spectrum, empowering your gaming company to unlock the full potential of its data.


One-Off Projects

Monthly Support

Why choose Swayven Digital?


Easily scale the level of support from us up or down according to your organisation’s analytics needs.

Top Priority

Have a dedicated team that can fulfil your analytics requests with top priority.


Pay for the work we deliver rather than time billed.


As an external extension to your team, we can provide a neutral view on your data, tech, processes, and performance.


We make it a habit to demonstrate our value as early as possible to build confidence in the engagement.

Industry expertise

We have extensive experience in many industries, allowing us to provide you with valuable insights and strategies for your business.

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