Game Intelligence & Data Science

“We want to leverage cutting-edge data analysis techniques to enhance our game’s performance, but we’re not sure where to start.”

Our Game Intelligence & Data Science package is designed for gaming companies that have a robust data foundation and are ready to explore more advanced and predictive ways to utilize their data.

This package focuses on delivering actionable intelligence—from player behaviour forecasting to personalised engagement strategies—that can transform your game’s performance.

Our Capabilities

Player Attribution Models

Develop custom data-driven models to attribute in-game conversions, purchases, and engagement across all your user acquisition channels.

Player Segmentation

Segment players based on their behaviour, preferences, and demographics, enabling you to target them more effectively with personalised content and offers.

Predictive Player Analysis

Employ advanced techniques, such as churn and lifetime value predictions, to gain deep insights into your players and optimise your marketing strategies.

Sentiment & Community Analysis

Utilize NLP techniques to analyse player feedback and social media data, helping you to understand player sentiment and manage your game’s reputation effectively.

Game Performance Forecasting

Apply a scientific approach to set and manage targets for player traffic, in-app purchases, engagement metrics, and other KPIs for your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll need to have regular meetings with our primary contact/team as we progress through the project. Aside from that, not much is needed from you. Most of the technical work will be handled by our consultants.

Depends on project, we would need to scope project requirements to assess complexity & effort.

All services come with ongoing query support where the consultant is available for communication via email, MS Teams/Slack and in-person/video meetings.

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