Digital Product Optimisation

“We know what is happening across our digital touchpoints, but not why and what we can do to improve.”

“We have plans to improve our digital experiences but want  a measured & scientific approach to implement them.”

Our Digital Product Optimisation package would be ideal for clients that want to identify & test hypotheses to improve their digital experiences, increase customer satisfaction, boost conversions, and ultimately scale the commercial value of their digital products.


Advanced Tool Implementation

Depending on your current tool stack, we may implement further analytical tools to aid our optimisation efforts.

Discovery Analysis

Deep Dive analysis into your qualitative & quantitative data sources to identify the product areas that have room for optimisation.

Test Ideation & Prioritisation

We’ll then come up with test ideas and prioritise them based on impact potential, effort & sample size.

Test Setup & Management

We’ll handle the test builds, sign-off & deployment. And also manage them whilst they are running.

Test Analysis & Impact Forecasting

Once tests have reached their conclusion results, we’ll assess them, quantify the impact and report the learnings back to the business.

UX Scaling & Deployment

We can also support with hard-coding winning experiences onto your product.

Our Tech Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Some clients may not have the right tech stack to run an effective optimisation program. If this is the case, we would prefer to bring our proven tools to help drive value for your business.

Any tool implemented in your stack by us will be paid for by us for the duration of our engagement.

We’ll need to meet with our main contact regularly to scope requirements and report on progress. Aside from that, not much is needed from you. Our consultants will handle the majority of the nitty-gritty technical work.

Depending on the demands, the monthly retainer can range from £5,000 to £10,000.

Monthly retainer packages can be purchased for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Absolutely, you can combine our packages to suit your business needs at that particular point in time.

All services come with ongoing support where the consultant is available for communication via email, MS Teams/Slack and in-person/video meetings.

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